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Coronavirus Resources

NC State continues to monitor the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

If you are a student and have a pending or resolved conduct matter with our office, your case may be impacted by the university’s reduced operations. For questions, please contact your individual hearing officer or email us at

The Office of Student Conduct works closely with a variety of campus offices to ensure that Students, Faculty, and Staff are connected to appropriate resources, many of which are provided here. When appropriate, we can provide referrals to these services within the university community. If you are unsure who to talk to regarding a particular issue, feel free to contact us and discuss the matter with someone from our office. We will do our best to direct you to the appropriate office or campus resource.

In addition to reviewing our Code of Student Conduct, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the University’s Rule on Personal Safety Requirements Related to Covid-19 (RUL 04.21.01).

Academic Resources

Students have the responsibility to uphold academic integrity on campus, off campus, and online. All members of the University community, students, faculty and other employees, have the responsibility to report Academic Misconduct to the appropriate authority.

Faculty members must undertake threshold responsibility for such traditional safeguards as examination security and proctoring and should clearly communicate their academic expectations in the course syllabus. If a student is in doubt regarding any matter related to the standards of academic integrity in a given course or on an assignment, that student must consult with the faculty member responsible for the course before presenting the work.

Non-Academic Resources

 Meeting & Sanction FAQ

The Office of Student Conduct is operational and still able to conduct individual meetings via Google Hangouts, Zoom, or other online software. Please work with your hearing officer to schedule your necessary meetings or hearing. Your hearing officer will inform you of their expectations given the circumstances of your case.

  • Whenever possible, access your meeting using a high speed internet connection.
  • To protect the integrity and privacy of the conduct process, participate from a space that is quiet and private, such as a room with a door that can be closed.
  • Unapproved participants are not permitted. You may be asked to pan your camera around the room to ensure the privacy of the meeting or hearing.
  • The use of an electronic device to participate in the meeting or hearing is permitted. The use of other unapproved electronic devices is not permitted.
  • Please let us know if you are having connectivity issues or are in need of other accommodations.

these meetings may place either virtually or in person. Jeffrey Fay, the Alcohol and Other Drug Education Coordinator, will assist you in completing this sanction. Mr. Fay can be emailed at

If you were assigned another sanction that requires you to meet or engage in some form of in-person experience, please contact your hearing officer to discuss the expectations for that on an individual basis. Your hearing officer will inform you of their expectations given the circumstances of your case.