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Brownishia Clark

Assistant Director


Brownishia joined the Office of Student Conduct in 2023 after serving as a Conduct and Care Coordinator in Student Housing at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Brownishia received her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Political Science and obtained her Master’s of Arts in Higher Education / Student Personnel from the University of Mississippi also known as “Ole Miss”. Prior to her work in student conduct, she worked extensively with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

My conduct philosophy places compassion at its core and takes a holistic approach to student development. I recognize that each student is unique, with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and challenges. With this understanding, I am committed to creating a supportive and nurturing environment that empowers students to learn and grow, not just academically, but as individuals. I believe in approaching student conduct with empathy and understanding, seeking to address issues with the aim of helping students succeed rather than merely punitive measures. My conduct philosophy is rooted in the belief that through compassionate guidance and support, I can facilitate personal and academic growth, empowering my students to become responsible, well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to both our campus community and society as a whole.