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Rejoining the Pack after Suspension

I’m facing suspension from NC State. Where do I start?

If you must leave NC State due to disciplinary suspension, certain tasks must be completed prior to your departure. While away, you are expected to comply with all components and sanctions established from the outcome of the case. Overdue or outstanding sanctions may impact your ability to return at a later date. Remember, you are trespassed from campus unless given written permission from the Office of Student Conduct to be on university property.

Suspension is a temporary separation from NC State. We encourage you to take the time away to engage in continued reflection and self-growth in order to return and be a positive and productive member of the Wolfpack community. Please see our Suspension and Expulsion FAQ for more information.

Before you leave, make sure to review and take appropriate action(s)

  • Academic Advisor: Check in with your academic advisor to let them know your status. They will be able to provide you with any specific information or action(s) you need to take before you leave.
  • University Housing: If you live in a residence hall, fraternity or sorority house, you will need to cancel your contract.
  • MyPack Portal: Update your MyPack Portal with both a forwarding mailing and non-NC State email address. This will be helpful in corresponding with you during your time away.
  • Transportation: If you have a parking pass for anywhere on campus, call Transportation Services to discuss cancellation and potential refunds.
  • International Students: If you are on an international student visa, please contact the Office of International Services in order to discuss your status and the impact it may have on your visa.
  • Cashier’s Office: Refunds of tuition and fees are consistent with the Cashier’s Office posted schedule and based on the effective date of the suspension. Students should direct all questions about refunds directly to the appropriate offices/staff.
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid: If you receive any type of financial aid you should schedule an appointment with your Financial Aid counselor. Each case is different and may have effects both in the short term and for the future.
  • Student Health Services: Connect with Student Health Services in order to receive resources and referrals for continued off-campus care.
  • NC State Dining: If you have a meal plan, you will need to cancel your current and future meal plan.
  • Miscellaneous: Return any books or materials to the library and any other offices from which they originated.

Back in the Pack

NC State is committed to helping you make the transition back to campus. Please review the information below as you plan your next steps.

  • Contact the Office of Student Conduct to discuss any outstanding sanctions and/or judicial holds on your student account. For other holds on your account, please contact those respective offices.
  • Contact Registration & Records to discuss your readmission to NC State. Graduate students should contact Graduate Admissions directly.

Once you’ve been readmitted:

  • If you are eligible to live on campus, contact University Housing to discuss your options.
  • If you are eligible, contact Transportation to register for a parking pass.
  • Contact your academic advisor to discuss your return and registration for classes.
  • If you took courses at another institution, reach out to Registration & Records to determine potential credit transfers.
  • To assist with common academic, emotional, and social concerns connect with our Counseling Center.
  • Re-familiarize yourself with our Code of Student Conduct and ensure that your decisions align with the expectations of our scholarly community.

Readmission Dates

Dates are subject to change based on the academic calendar. For official dates, contact Registration & Records at 919.515.6278 or