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Policies for Organizations and Groups

Learn more about the expectations for our community


Student Organization” means a number of Students who have complied with University requirements for registration or recognition (Student Discipline Procedures, 2.28)

“Student Group” means a number of Students who are associated with each other but have not met the University requirements for registration as a Student Organization (Student Discipline Procedures, 2.27)

Relevant Policies

Student organizations and groups are expected to uphold the expectations outlined in the Code of Student Conduct and other relevant University Policies, Regulations, or Rules.


Hazing is defined in section 10.10 of the Code of Student Conduct as “[a]ny activity related to organizational membership or potential membership that intentionally, recklessly, or negligently humiliates, degrades, abuses, or otherwise creates a risk of mental or physical harm or discomfort, or unreasonably interferes with a student’s academic activities or successes. Consent or lack of intent are not defenses to charges under this Section.”

Hazing is prohibited at NC State, as these behaviors do not align with the standards and values of our scholarly community and have the potential to harm individuals. Anyone who experiences or observes hazing is strongly encouraged to contact University Police at 919.515.3000 or the Office of Student Conduct at 919.515.2963.