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Resources & Support

The Office of Student Conduct can provide strong support to victims of misconduct.  In addition to holding individuals responsible for misconduct, we can help you connect with other offices on campus to address stress, anxiety, or other emotions you may be feeling.

Reporting Misconduct

Please visit our Incident Reporting Page to begin the process of reporting misconduct.  Once a report has been submitted, you may receive a call or email from our office asking you to schedule an interview regarding the incident.  If you are uncomfortable submitting an online incident report, please feel free to stop by 300 Clark Hall to speak with us about the incident.  Our advisors can guide you through the disciplinary process and support you with additional campus resources.

In addition, you can choose to file a report with University Police.

Reporting Concerning, Worrisome, or Threatening Behaviors

For information on what is meant by concerning behavior, please visit Prevention Services.

General Campus Resources for Victims of Misconduct:

Resources for Victims of Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence

Resources for Victims of Hazing